Whether you’re practicing your Nordic skiing technique or heading out for a day on the slopes, you should know a bit about the Massachusetts ski scene and culture. The state has an abundance of excellent ski opportunities for alpine and cross-country lovers. Though often overshadowed by more popular ski resorts in New Hampshire and Vermont, residents don’t need to cross state lines to have a great day in the powder.

We’ll start with alpine skiing. Known for their hard-packed conditions and short but formidable vertical drops, Massachusetts ski resorts have a local flair. This is because skiers rarely travel to Massachusetts for skiing; if they’re heading to New England, they are more likely to head up to the Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire, where conditions are more predictable, resorts are larger, and mountains have better snowmaking capacity. However, Massachusetts ski mountains offer some distinct advantages to the larger resorts in the north. The first (and perhaps most important) is lift ticket price. Massachusetts ski resorts are often far less expensive than large family resorts across the state line, so you are likely to get more bang for your buck. Additionally, ski rentals are often priced more competitively, and there is less of a chance a rental facility to run out of equipment. These concrete advantages, when combined with the local, family-friendly atmosphere at Massachusetts ski resorts, makes the state an excellent place to take up alpine skiing.

Next up: Nordic skiing. Massachusetts has some of the best cross-country skiing in the country. Riders can experience scenic views of the ocean, state forests, and picturesque farms—all in the same ride. Of course, we’re partial to the coast; that is, after all, where we’re based. However, central and western Massachusetts have rolling hills, more trail opportunities, and fewer people to ruin your solitary expedition. What more could you ask for?

It is not difficult to be a skier in Massachusetts. Nearly everybody seems to have tried the sport at least once, and most residents know someone with a season pass to one of the several great resorts. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, trying one or both of these ski opportunities is sure to be a great time. Perfect for beginners and life-long athletes, skiing in Massachusetts is always a great experience.



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