About Us and North Shore Ski Trails

When thinking about ski opportunities in New England, most people begin to visualize the towering peaks of New Hampshire and abundant après ski opportunities in Vermont. Alpine skiing is the dominant winter activity for most New England residents, especially those who reside on Massachusetts’s north shore; a short drive to New Hampshire, Maine, or Vermont can foster a deep love for the adrenaline-boosting sport.

However, the North Shore of Massachusetts has its own ski opportunities. Though not the heart-pounding activities found to the north and west, this part of the state fosters a healthy and thriving Nordic skiing community. Full of trails, shops, and sport enthusiasts, the North Shore is one of the best places in the country to pick up the sport.

The North Shore Ski Trail was founded as a place to gather resources, tips, and guides for Nordic skiing enthusiasts who live in or visit this part of Massachusetts. We provide ski trail guides and reviews. If you’re new to the sport, don’t go away just yet—we also have quick and easy “how-to” guides, which include information on form, technique, and essential preparation.

Cross-country skiing may not be as fast as downhill, but it can be equally exciting. With the right knowledge and resources, you might find yourself favoring cross-country. If you have ever thought about giving the sport a try, you’re in the right place.